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The Hotel Council DEI series has provided some incredibly valuable insight for me, my organization and our industry. The presenters are all experienced in the DEI area, so we get a honest, open conversation and practical advice to guide us in making our organizations more equitable and inclusive.


Sonya Bradley Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sacramento February 16, 2021

“I absolutely loved the Hotel Council’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion webinar. The ‘fills in the gap’ exercise was eye opening. What a great example of, and lesson in, unconscious bias! It was an eye-opening moment for me. I look forward to sharing it with our Diversity & Inclusion Committee for our California regional team.”

Mary Walker Baus Senior Market Manager, Expedia Group February 12, 2021

I just wanted you to know how tremendous I thought today’s program was.  I really enjoyed the content and found it so engaging in spite of it being such a virtual event.  I think you have done such a tremendous job at pulling this all together.  I enjoyed hearing Hilton’s approach and Cassandra is so perfect to thoughtfully tell the story and open our minds.  I love her spirit and focus on more grace as we navigate these sensitive waters. 

I was really proud to join and be a part of the class!  Thanks again for all that you do.  I truly appreciate it.

Jon Kimball Area General Manager, THE WESTIN ST. FRANCIS SAN FRANCISCO ON UNION SQUARE February 11, 2021

At Taj Campton Place, we find a tremendous amount of value in our partnership with the Hotel Council. They are a vital resource for our community on broad ranging topics such as governmental regulation, city health guidelines, diversity, leadership, and city programming, among others. In my experience, the Hotel Council has proven a strong advocate for the hotel industry and our main liaison and representative with the media and legislative groups, both at local and state levels.  

I highly recommend Hotel Council membership in the best of times; however the past year, during this unprecedented era, they have risen above the fray to stand out as calm, rational, knowledgeable pillars of the hotel community. The dissemination of complex and ever-changing data was timely, thorough, and thoughtful.

Corinna Luebbe General Manager, Taj Campton Place February 10, 2021

The leadership team of Kevin Carroll and Kelly Powers serves as the key community liaison between the Hotel Council and government agencies as well as travel industry organizations and consistently provide significant support to owners and operators. I have been an active member of the Hotel Council for two decades and highly recommend participation. Never more than now – during times of crisis or in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges – will you find a better group to provide guidance and expertise on the issues that impact us all.

Stefan Mühle Area Managing Director, Argonaut Hotel & Hotel Zoe February 5, 2021

The Hotel Council provides up-to-date and relevant information to our industry.  During the times of ever changing regulations, I can constantly count on the Hotel Council to provide guidance.  As a group, we are able to digest the information and take any necessary actions.  Kevin and Kelly have made many connections for the organization that keep us engaged as an organization.

Brittney Beck Beck’s Motor Lodge February 4, 2021

The value of Hotel Council membership is of immense value at all times, but during critical periods, such as the Covid pandemic, it becomes PRICELESS!

The constant and clear communication, explanation of complex issues, and networking between hotels, has allowed me to run my hotel more efficiently, and to make better decisions for my owners and my staff.

Michael Pace General Manager INTERCONTINENTAL MARK HOPKINS SAN FRANCISCO February 2, 2021

At Expedia Group, we value our partnership with the Hotel Council of San Francisco for so many reasons. We’ve been able to simplify and create efficiencies by partnering together on events that have aligned messages and goals. We also value being able to get involved and make an impact in our industry on important topics such as Inclusion & Diversity, Sustainability, and Women in Leadership. 

In what was an unprecedented year, with the onset of the COVID-19 virus, HCSF sprang into action keeping stakeholders up to speed on all complex developments and impact. We have been members since 2012 and can confidently say each year we are continuously impressed with the programing, networking opportunities, information sharing, and passion the Hotel Council brings to San Francisco & the hospitality industry!

Kelly Reehoorn Expedia Group | Director, California Metro, Market Management, Lodging February 2, 2021

It is difficult to put into writing the amazing value of belonging to the Hotel Council. I utilize the Hotel Council on a consistent basis and the power of Council has never been more appreciated than during the last year through the pandemic. Even with decreased resources and staffing, the Hotel Council provided much needed support, education and community/political involvement.

 Kevin Carroll and Kelly Powers are phenomenal human beings. They care! They are available literally twenty four hours a day and will always answer their phone. I have had many weekend discussions when problems needed to be handled  and I needed advice. They “get” the hotel business.

I have worked in hospitality since 1985 in a number of different cities. This Hotel Council blows away the competition from other regions and cities. There is a sense of community and belonging here in San Francisco that is magical and much of that has to do with the leadership of the organization. The advocacy efforts at the local and state level are successful because the Hotel Council brings all interested parties together so our voice is stronger.

 I can’t forget to mention the myriad of events, workshops and celebrations that are offered to my team as well as networking opportunities. The organization is truly top notch!


Terry Lewis Complex General Manager | HILTON HOTELS OF SAN FRANCISCO UNION SQUARE February 2, 2021

If you are thinking of joining the San Francisco Hotel Council, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to learn more about the organization from a member’s perspective.

I believe the membership fees are money well spent and a great value. My hotel was closed for over 1 year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This experience as a business leader, made me scrutinize and prioritize my spending. The pandemic made me realize what a great partnership I have as a member of the Council.

The Council takes the lead in advocating for our industry with the media, represents our position on legislative issues, and provides a forum for industry networking.

I have worked in many hotel markets over the years and you will hear time and again how San Francisco has a ‘close knit hotel community of competitors.’ I believe that the comradeships should largely be credited to the work the Hotel Council of San Francisco has done since 1987.


Clifton Clark General Manager Palace San Francisco, A Luxury Collection Hotel February 1, 2021

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend membership in the Hotel Council of San Francisco.  As a newly appointed GM in early 2019, and new to the city as of mid-2017, I have found the Hotel Council to be an invaluable resource in my role of running hotels. Participation in the Hotel Council has afforded me many benefits, here are just a few:

Networking opportunities and the forging of a support system with peers outside of my own hotel company 

Hearing from and access to various city officials, industry leaders etc. expanding my knowledge greatly

Early access to important information impacting the local hospitality industry, keeping myself and in turn, my ownership group informed

Participation in the promotion of, or opposition to, certain mutual causes e.g. the ‘Love Our City’ Hospitality & Tourism CleanUp Day  City Clean up and the organized Hotel General Managers/Owners opposition to the S.F. Board of Supervisors Healthy Building Ordinance     

I am happy to recommend participation in the Hotel Council of San Francisco.


Angie Clifton General Manager San Francisco Marriott Union Square February 1, 2021

The Hotel Council is the voice of the hotel industry and participation allows you to have a input on issues that are important to you.  Having a combined effort with other General Managers will give you a stronger impact on challenges you face that you could not do by yourself.  We offer seminars that are important to our industry along with events and luncheons where you can network with others who are involved in the hospitality industry.  I’ve been a member since it was founded over 30 years and the benefit of my membership has exceeded my expectations.  The Hotel Council allows us to do together what we could not do alone.

Jon Handlery General Manager, Handlery Union Square Hotel February 1, 2021

I have always felt the value of being a Hotel Council member, but never more than throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. Their communication and guidance was invaluable; they created sanitation protocols, produced training webinars, invited healthcare professionals to give insights and somehow kept up with and communicated the neverending changes to the City’s policies and procedures. I can honestly say I have never belonged to an organization that provided as much value as the Hotel Council of SF.

Terry Haney Managing Director, Presidio Lodging February 1, 2021

After having worked in several larger US Cities I can say the Hotel Council in San Francisco is by far the most active.

Besides being a powerful voice in the City the Council assists the Hotel -, Vendor – and Client Community offensively in gaining more or better business and defensively in helping us with advice and best practices. In a rapid changing political and legal landscape the Council was able to give meaningful heads ups in a timely manner.

The leadership team has an incredible network in place which has proven to be crucial in great as well as tough times.


Raymond Vermolen InterContinental San Francisco February 1, 2021

The Hotel Council of San Francisco provides key networking opportunities as well as introductions to products and services that are relevant to our industry. Most importantly, they advocate for our industry at the local and state level and keep us apprised of the ever-changing political landscape of San Francisco.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic the leadership that the Hotel Council provided cemented their value to our industry.

Michael Baier General Manager | San Francisco Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf February 1, 2021