“The Hotel Council of San Francisco serves as the voice of the hospitality industry in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We are at a pivotal moment collectively as the hospitality industry recovers from the pandemic. However, our city has so much to offer and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It will become one of the top tourist destinations globally once again. We are already seeing positive signs as an industry and as a city. If we all work together, we will take our industry and our city to levels of unprecedented success. We will continue to maintain strong partnerships with local government, elected officials, and community groups to ensure that we provide the best resources possible for our members to thrive. That success benefits our businesses, our workers, our city, and San Franciscans collectively.” 

Alex Bastian
President & CEO
Hotel Council of San Francisco

Creating Opportunities, Supporting Communities, Driving Economic Growth

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District 6 Supervisor Candidate Forum

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San Francisco has a variety of ambassador programs to ensure your visit is both feel fun and safe.

This convenient and colorful map is available to download to share with your guests, employees and visitors.

Our Ambassadors are ready and willing to offer assistance, please be sure to say” hello” when you see them

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The Hotel Council membership roster includes over 250 hotels, businesses, and partner organizations.

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If you are thinking of joining the San Francisco Hotel Council, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to learn more about the organization from a member’s perspective.

I believe the membership fees are money well spent and a great value. My hotel was closed for over 1 year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This experience as a business leader, made me scrutinize and prioritize my spending. The pandemic made me realize what a great partnership I have as a member of the Council.

The Council takes the lead in advocating for our industry with the media, represents our position on legislative issues, and provides a forum for industry networking.

I have worked in many hotel markets over the years and you will hear time and again how San Francisco has a ‘close knit hotel community of competitors.’ I believe that the comradeships should largely be credited to the work the Hotel Council of San Francisco has done since 1987.


Clifton Clark General Manager Palace San Francisco, A Luxury Collection Hotel February 1, 2021