Written by: Dana Miller
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REPORT FROM THE U.S.—Trends in group meetings are ever-changing and improving based upon guest needs, which means hotels have to be ready and willing to change to be competitive in that space.

Scott McClinton, GM at the Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles in Chantilly, Virginia, said when he joined the hotel four years ago, he had specific ideas on how to adapt to modern and tech-facing trends in group meetings.

He was inspired, he said, by what he saw at cyber defense agency offices in the area.

“When I walk into their offices and their meeting spaces—obviously its super high-tech. Then I walked into my hotel and said, ‘beautiful hotel, great space, great flow from a meeting-space standpoint,’ but certainly you couldn’t say it was high-tech.”

So he said, “let’s update it, but let’s update it from a technology standpoint and truly from a customer-facing standpoint.”

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