Photo credit: Jessica Christian, The Chronicle
Written by: Heather Knight
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The Hotel Council is committed to working with the City and community partners to improve the conditions of our streets to ensure safety for hotel employees and visitors. We meet regularly with city leaders and partners through SF Travel’s Clean, Safe, and Civil Coalition to find solutions and our hotel employees regularly volunteer with Project Homeless Connect to learn about those in need and offer help.

As president of the Handlery Union Square Hotel, part of Jon Handlery’s job is to scour travel websites to find out what tourists are telling one another about his hotel and San Francisco.

He tries to respond, thanking his customers for their patronage and acknowledging their gripes. But he’s stopped even trying to explain the No. 1 complaint: the city’s miserable street scene that’s made all the more stark against the backdrop of so much wealth and luxury.

Tiffany’s and tents. Neiman Marcus and needles. Macy’s and mental illness.

This month, for example, Handlery noticed a review on TripAdvisor that praised the hotel’s location, its pool, its proximity to the cable cars and the easy walk to the Ferry Building. But it ended with a jolt.

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