Written by: Nuala Sawyer
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In between figuring out how to handle cannabis’s legalization in five months, changing the city’s affordable housing guidelines and cleaning up cigarette butts on Ocean Beach, the city’s Board of Supervisors toys with other, less-life-altering pieces of legislation — such as naming an airport terminal after an LGBT activist. Sup. Hillary Ronen introduced the legislation to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday, reviving attempts made nearly four years ago that failed.

Showing support for the legislation, District 8 Sup. Jeff Sheehy announced that naming SFO’s Terminal One after Harvey Milk, would be his “top LGBT legislative priority.” The choice of priority is an interesting one for the supervisor, whose district includes the Castro. In the past, Sheehy has voiced his support in helping young queer youth experiencing homelessness, and getting the neighborhood and city to zero HIV infections. Naming SFO after Milk, however, has (hopefully only temporarily) seemed to trump his other LGBT causes.

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