The Hotel Council of San Francisco serves as the voice of the hospitality industry in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The Hotel Council has strong partnerships with local government, elected officials, and community groups that help protect the interests of the hotel and hospitality industry.

Advocating on the Local Level

The Hotel Council of San Francisco is the voice of the hotel hospitality community in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  Our strong and unequalled partnerships with all levels of government – local, state and national – give us a seat at the table with elected officials, and civic and business groups that help protect the interests of our hotel and hospitality industry colleagues. As we begin our recovery from COVID and its ongoing impact, these partnerships – and our work – are more vital than ever.

COVID and Beyond

During COVID and the ensuing economic downturn, the Hotel Council has been a consistent presence advocating and lobbying on legislative issues that impact us.  We have pushed for cleaner and safer streets, pragmatic and science-based protocols to protect hotel employees and guests and been a constant source of news and information to inform the public debate on how the hospitality industry has continued to adapt as we head into a post-COVID recovery.  During a year of challenge, we expanded our education efforts with a landmark series of webinars featuring nationally recognized leaders in health and science, hospitality, security and diversity, equity & inclusion.

Before the pandemic hit, we successfully advocated for an expanded conservatorship law that will require those with severe mental illness to receive treatment. The Council has also worked with Mayor London Breed to add additional funding for foot-patrol beat officers, mental health resources, and homelessness services, all of which will benefit our industry.  Also, due to our work, efforts to change the N95 mask requirement for housekeepers were successful and will no longer be mandatory.   As always, our goal is to support legislation that benefits our industry, while stopping or editing laws that don’t.

Strategic Partners

As we head into 2022, we have continued and expanded our advocacy programs with our partners, Our work on issues around homelessness, clean and safe streets, home sharing and transportation require us to meet frequently with our state and local legislators and representatives to make them aware of how these critical issues impact the hotel industry and tourism in California, especially as we head into a year of optimism fueled by increased COVID vaccinations but still with many variables for our sector.

During the last year, with have continued our conversations and meetings with our business and governmental partners, making sure that our concerns are front in center in San Francisco City Hall, in the State Capitol in Sacramento and in our Congressional and Senate offices in Washington, DC.  

The Hotel Council of San Francisco collaborates with business groups and organizations to strengthen and amplify our voice in the community and in the halls of power. Some of our key partners include:

  • San Francisco Travel Association
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • Golden Gate Restaurant Association
  • Building Owners and Operators Association
  • Community Benefit Districts
  • African American Chamber of Commerce
  • California Hotel and Lodging Association
  • California Travel Association
  • American Hotel and Lodging Association

Transportation & Access

The Council continues to work with the SFMTA on increasing and improving transit options and reducing congestion on our streets. We continue to be active participants on the Better Market Streets Plan as well as the 5th Street Improvements Projects and Safer Taylor Street to ensure the interests of our members are represented during the development of these plans. We also work closely with BART to advocate for additional safety resources on trains and in BART stations, especially those lines serving San Francisco International Airport.