Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Committee works with public officials to ensure the voice of the hospitality industry is heard. The Committee follows industry issues and collaborates with industry experts and associations to recommend actions for the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in joining the Public Affairs Committee, please contact Kevin Carroll.

Current and Ongoing Engagement in Local Issues:

  • Regulating short-term rental platforms
  • Improving response to homelessness
  • Advocating for safe and clean streets
  • Improving transportation access by all modes

Initiatives the Committee supported include:

  • Measure Q which prohibits tents on sidewalks in San Francisco
  • Pay Parity Law to curb wage discrimination for women in San Francisco
  • Measure RR bond measure that funds repair for the BART system
  • Expansion of Moscone Center with the Board of Supervisors
  • Collection of the Hotel Tax from Short-Term Rental accommodations
  • Laura’s Law Legislation in San Francisco
  • Major events and developments in San Francisco
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The Hotel Council DEI series has provided some incredibly valuable insight for me, my organization and our industry. The presenters are all experienced in the DEI area, so we get a honest, open conversation and practical advice to guide us in making our organizations more equitable and inclusive.


Sonya Bradley Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Sacramento February 16, 2021