New Skift Research Report: A Deep Dive Into Facebook’s Impact on Travel - SKift
Date:  3/6/2017

Written by: Jared Wein
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Today we are launching the latest report in our Skift Research Reports service, A Deep Dive Into Facebook’s Impact on Travel.

Facebook has become far more than a social network as it continues to expand its reach into everything digital with Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus and other integrated widgets and apps such as shopping, reviews and mapping functionality. In this report, we look at Facebook’s growing relevance as an advertising and retargeting platform for travel brands, and how Facebook could disrupt the broader online travel ecosystem.

For travel, advertising on Facebook was more about brand awareness. Now hotels and online travel sites have picked up the pace with dynamic ads that were so successful in retail to help drive bookings. And while we expect Facebook to grow its travel revenue meaningfully, there are several challenges including that the broader travel industry is typically slow to embrace change, attributing ad performance is more difficult in a multi-touch world, Google continues to command the bulk of ad spend, and it is complicated to optimize ad spend on Facebook.

Nevertheless, we expect the cost of advertising on Facebook to rise over time. Those that get in early stand to gain better return on ad spend in the long run.

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