San Francisco is a leader in sustainable hospitality and the Hotel Council of San Francisco is dedicated to providing our members with the resources to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our hotel members share nearly 100 sustainability certifications, including 43 TripAdvisor Green Leaders certifications. To learn more about the Sustainability Committee, click here.

Here are 6 ways to achieve your sustainability goals:

1. Get started with the San Francisco Green Business Program

2. Utilize rebates and financing programs to boost your energy efficiency

3. Learn how to use water more wisely with a free Water-Wise Assessment

4. Reduce waste and costs with waste reduction tips from our hotel members

  • Donate reusable furniture, linens, and other supplies to the Hotel/Non-Profit Collaborative

    The Hotel/Non-Profit Collaborative facilitates the redistribution of reusable surplus goods, supplies and equipment from area hotels and businesses to non-profit organizations. Jo Licata, Community Projects Manager at the Hilton San Francisco, started the Hotel/Non-Profit Collaborative in 1996 and continues to organize and maintain the program.

    For more information about this program, contact
    Jo Licata.

5. Green your commute with these sustainable transportation resources

6. Improve guest and employee wellness with non-toxic cleaning products

For additional questions, please contact Jessica Lum, Manager, Programs and Communications.